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How to choose the proper caster bearing?
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We have talked a lot about the choice of casters. In fact, in addition to those factors, there are also some very important and must be considered, such as bearing selection.

The selection of caster bearing is a must for the buyer. There are many kinds of bearings used in castors. Without them, castors lose their value. Therefore, we suggest that the ideal bearing should be suitable for its own application, and the necessary safety margin should be reserved In addition to the wheel surface, wheel diameter and rotating bearing, the wheel bearing determines the mobility and even the quality of the caster.

The use environment is very important for bearing selection. Different use environments have different requirements: the casters used in factories are different from those used in businesses, the casters used in tool vehicles are different from those used in hospital beds, and the casters used in shopping carts are definitely different from those used in factories to carry heavy loads.

There are several types of bearings:

1. Tapered bearing - tapered bearing is one of the most important components of roller bearing. Compared with ordinary bearings, they have the special advantage of expanding the field of use and providing improved moving characteristics

2. Roller bearing - in addition to wear-resistant and deep groove ball bearing, this strong anti-seismic bearing is mainly used for transport equipment caster. Compared with other bearings, roller bearing is famous for its low installation height, relatively low rolling resistance and huge load. Wheels equipped with roller bearings shall not move faster than 4 km / h, which is close to the walking speed of people

3. Precision ball bearing -- the single row radial precision ball bearing, which is specially designed and conforms to the German industry standard (DIN), is the highest quality model among the bearings. The wheels with these ball bearings can maintain very low rolling resistance even with the maximum load

4. The simplest form of ordinary bearing wheel bearing is bearing sliding or friction They are earthquake resistant, almost maintenance free, and based on the characteristics of the material, they can also resist corrosion. If the device only needs to move in a short distance and at a low speed, caster 168 recommends that you install wheels with ordinary bearings. This is the most cost-effective.

There is no best, only the most appropriate, combined with their own actual situation, multiple comparisons, can find their own bearing products. Believe you, you can choose the most suitable caster and bearing.

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